Pyramid Salt Lamp (5x5x6 inches)


Pyramid Salt Lamp particularly effective for Aromatherapy, Cube Lamp provides off negative ions necessary to avoid depression and make a pleasing close. The lamp comes complete with an influence wire with an associate on/off switch and bulb.


Pyramid Salt Lamp effective for Aromatherapy. Salt Lamp provides off negative ions necessary to avoid depression and make a pleasing close.

Material Organic Material, Salt Model Number: CSL – 0011
Type: Pyramid Salt Lamp Size: 5x5x6 Inches
Technique: Carved Color: Pink/Red
Base: Wooden/Onyx Delivery time within Pakistan: 3-5 working days
Use: Home Decoration Delivery Worldwide: 15-20 days
Theme: Fairy Payment terms: T/T, L/C, western union
Place of Origin: Khewra, Punjab Pakistan


Himalayan pink rock salt or Himalayan salt is a pure and unique kosher salt full of minerals. While Himalayan pink salt contains many nutritional uses, there are also some excellent non-nutritional uses.

Most popular among these beautifully carved lamps, these funky lamps are the most beautiful decorative lights that you can change to change the atmosphere of any room. These unique lamps will not only make any room look impressive, but they can also offer countless health benefits.

Lamps manufactured by placing a bulb inside a piece of pink Himalayan salt. It is a distinct feeling that radiates heat and pink glow when it is turned on.

Most people buy these lamps for decorative purposes without knowing that they also offer many other benefits.

For more than 1,000 years under the Himalayas, beautiful salts of pink rock have been formed by the excavations left by the Jurassic period. This gives them unique and pure salt properties with a variety of 84 minerals known to science.

For more details and got to know the benefits of the Khewra Himalayan salt please visit our blog

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